we are
Creating a world where
no one is powerless.

We are a global non-profit for people-powered change. We create positive impact in some of the world’s most marginalised communities through programs, research, and partnerships for citizen-led campaigning.

Our unique proposition .

our mission

To empower the most marginalised groups to create change in their communities.


Changemakers trained


Active movements in 13 countries

the team .

The Change.org Foundation brings together a strong team of global staff working in partnership with organizations and citizen campaigners worldwide.

Preethi Herman

Global Executive Director

Shalini Menon

Global Director of Training

Durga Nandini

Partnerships Director

Lucas Pretti

Communications Director

Desma Murni

Partnerships Lead

Jackie Belton

Jackie Belton

Accounting Manager

Karen Sarmiento

She Creates Change – Colombia

Kate Tan

Social Media Strategist

Mary Imbong

Senior Communication Design Specialist

Simi Sunny

Partnerships Specialist

Taruni Kumar

Training Specialist

Tushar Badhwar

Associate Learning & Evaluation Strategist

Victoria Emanuelli

She Creates Change – Latam

Our board .

Ben Rattray

Board Chair. Founder and CEO of Change.org PBC

Preethi Herman

Global Executive Director, Change.org Foundation

Jennifer Dulski

CEO & Founder at Rising Team

Premal Shah

Co-Founder & President of Kiva.org

Natalie Foster

Co-Chair of the Economic Security project

Our Principles .

We have a grassroots mindset

All of the Foundation’s work is focussed on serving the realisation of the mission and our external projects are true collaborations with communities and partners.

We thrive together

We believe in our collective impact working together as a Foundation. We ask ourselves tough questions and we make time to reflect and share with our colleagues.

We are free to create

Fostering new ideas for empowering communities is an everyday challenge that every member of staff owns. We are free to decide our strategies and we will be supported to try new things, learning from failures as well as successes.

We are diverse, inclusive, and transparent.

We celebrate the diversity of our staff and partners in the Foundation. We are all building an empowering place to work, so all Foundation staff will be involved in the decisions that affect them.

We are impact-driven

As a non-profit, we will always prioritise maximising impact. Wherever possible, we design our work so that the products and value it creates are free, open and commons-based, creating a shared environment for social good.